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    A community-driven virtual pet, TamaGirl is a mysterious egg from space who needs help coming out of her shell! TamaGirl is an alien that’s super excited for her first visit to earth and wants to experience earth food, fashion, and culture! Being new to a planet can be disorienting, so she needs everyone’s help to hatch into the best girl that she can be!

TamaGirl is a growing alien with mysterious StickerMagic powers who needs to collect as many stickers as possible to bring her dreams to life. She will need support from the A.MAZE community who can gift Tamagirl stickers using points earned by playing mini-games. As a time-based installation, TamaGirl will grow and evolve throughout the course of the festival, eventually fully emerging from her shell!

Will she hatch into a rock star? An artist? A scientist? Only time will tell!


    As an alien, TamaGirl isn’t interested in normal earth currency! TamaGirl’s species thrives on stickers and uses StickerMagic to transform stickers into real life! Players will use points that they earn from games to give messages of support and stickers to TamaGirl. Using stickers that align with her interests and personality will evoke positive reactions in TamaGirl

    TamaGirl varies from certain virtual-pet experiences in that the gameplay prioritizes the expression of her agency. TamaGirl is not a pet but her own person! This is not a game where players can project their desires onto her. TamaGirl will not engage with any foods, clothes, or accessories that don’t match her personality. Only TamaGirl knows what she wants! Players are only here to support TamaGirl by giving her stickers and messages of support.


    TamaGirl was exhibited at FREEPLAY! Richmond, VA's first queer games exhibit from January 12th to February 23rd. Her console was exhibited alongside these posters and was supported by the local community at Richmond. Her final evolution has yet to be revealed.

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