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Week 1- Lab #1

I’m excited to explore physical computing and to conquer my fear of electrical engineering. To be quite frank, I spent most of my time in high school physics class just retaining enough information to skate by with a passing grade. Consider this blog post an Official Apology to my high school physics teacher. Mrs. Hardesty, I don’t regret goofing around in your class but I’m very sorry for not taking it more seriously, as all of the class material is becoming increasingly relevant to my life.

I spent a lot of my time taking notes on the material, revisiting schematics and reviewing definitions. You can take a peek at some of my notes below.

After going over all of my electronic components, I was ready to experiment with the first lab assignment!

.. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong gauge wire. This lab requires 22 AWG wire, I ordered 26 AWG wire. After some quick reading, I decided that it wasn’t very safe to do this lab until I got the correct wire gauge. However, I could still take the time to learn more about the individual components required for this lab and prepare my questions for class based on my own research!

This lab assignment was already delayed due to me missing some other necessary parts. I plan on updating this post once I am able to do the lab, which will hopefully be before this upcoming Tuesday (9/15/20).

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