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vamp vamp vamp vamp vamp (beginnings of my collaboration with Shannon Hu and Wyatt Zhu)

For the final project for our Sound and Video class, we were instructed to re-interpret a classic fairy or folk tale or well-known story. Shannon, Wyatt, and I are interested in exploring the concept of vampires through a multi-cultural click-and-point adventure.

Our game will take place in a large mansion, with each room representing various vampires and ghouls throughout our cultures (American Twilight-esque vampires, Chinese-hopping vampires, etc.). Several objects in the room will be interactive, playing various sounds and animations as they're clicked. We also plan on having various "artifacts" that you can collect throughout the game, each object representative of an element of different vampire narratives.

We made these sketches below to demonstrate elements of the gameplay.

image description: This image is a blue pixel art sketch featuring a mansion, positioned to the right of the drawing. There are various windows, none of them are lit. The overall mood of the drawing is dark and mysterious. In the topmost window of the mansion, you can see the shadowy silhouette of a figure. This is one sketch meant to illustrate the user's experience playing the game.

image description: This is the same setting as the previous image, a blue pixel-art sketch of a dark mansion. However, in this image, you can see the cursor of the computer mouse floating over the topmost window, which has a shadowy figure. There is now a textbox featured at the bottom of this sketch, which has been triggered by the interaction of the cursor and the window. The textbox reads:

"Player: there's a person in the window..."

image description: This is the same setting as the previous image, a blue pixel-art sketch of a dark mansion. In this image, you can see a small image of a rosary in the bottom left corner, right above the textbox.

The textbox reads:

"*you've discovered a rosary*"

We plan on spending the next couple of weeks designing the visuals and sound effects for each room. Each of us will be designing our own room, and I'm excited to see how that turns out!

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