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stop! motion! WHEEE

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

For our first assignment, we were instructed to make stop-motion loops! I wanted to see if I could combine my digital pixel-art animation skills with the physical material in stop-motion animation (props to Eden Chinn for giving me the idea!!).

My vision was to combine a pre-made pixel art image with a hand-held gaming console. I started with animating the dog-sprite. It was a simple 6-frame walk cycle.

image description: a small, pixel-art animation of a dog walking to the right. The dog is very small, no more than 25x25 pixels big. The colours are also limited, there are only four colours on the screen, all shades of blue.

I also built a cardboard housing for the game console. I rigged it so that the buttons and joystick could be moved and pressed.


I made two different renditions of the concept. With the first image, I used my cutting board to help me keep tabs on my stop-motion objects. Unfortunately, the gridlines actually esaggerated the movement of the console.

I tried again, this time using a neutral white background. I also threw in some extra heart animations, which i accomplished using paper. The result was a lot better, but the start of the loop is obvious, as the console still jumped around quite a bit.

I really like the result though! YEAHH WOOHOO YEAHH

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